Ms.Tan Lay Theng & Group

Customer: Ms.Tan Lay Theng & Group from Malaysia

Tour Name: Hanoi Stopover Tour

Hi Jason,

We arrived yesterday 5.30pm local time. We have no complaints about yr company but just to share a bit our experience. The tour guide, John is too fresh. He is quite serious through out the tour. Unlike other guides we used before will tell a lot a history or background of the country we visit. We believe Vietnam should have a lot of historical things to share with. His style is we asked him then he tell.

Services in cruise is not too good. Not much variety for drinks because almost 50% of my group are kids. They don”t have hot chocolate only coffee or tea where kids normally don”t take.  Another area is the karaoke. We only sing a few songs. The adults need to take care the kids when they wanted to do fishing. Just a few minutes after we arranged the fishing for kids, crew turned off the karaoke & said closed. I think we sang 5 songs the most.

Generally we still enjoyed our trip. Once again we appreciate your kind understanding & arrangements for my group.

All the Best…


Lay Theng