Why Private Tour?

Exclusiveness does not means expensive!

A private tour means that the tour you take is exclusive to you and your party, whomever you would like to travel with. This way, not only is the tour itinerary exclusively catered for you, but the entire tour will be organized according to your needs.


How exactly will your experience be greater in our private tours?

You will have a much greater sense of control and freedom from the time of planning. You will feel more comfortable and secure during your tours with us because you are in control of your itinerary. This is particularly important when you are traveling with children, seniors, or people needing special care.


Itinerary flexibility

The tour plan you request will be customized or tailor-made according to your needs with professional advice from our experienced travel consultants. During the tour, you can easily skip the activities that you do not like, explore options for additional activities, and tweak our itinerary as needed.


Private driver and private tour guide

During the sightseeing tours with us, you will be accompanied by your own driver, tour guide and car. This means your question will be answered promptly, personally and your interests are at the top priority. You can take your time to enjoy the site and go wherever you want at your leisure, not at the mercy of a group of strangers.


Your hand-picked accommodations

From the time of booking, you can easily request your accommodation based on your budget. You can also handpick hotels of different levels for your own holiday and we can customize your itinerary for you from there. During the tour, if you wish to upgrade your hotel room, depending on the hotel vacancy and your budget, we can upgrade your room easily for your convenience.


Your own meal choices

You can go to the restaurants of your choice and eat the food that you like. You do not have to always eat the same food in touristy restaurants. You can choose to go for your meal plan with more variety of local food, or not include a meal plan and be totally open to a culinary adventure.


Enjoy a private custom tour at reasonable price

Although a private custom-made tour in our countries may cost more than a join-in large group tours in your home country (i.e. large tour group, fixed departure, pre-arranged tour plan determined by the travel agency not you, and may not always hit the mark on quality), you will be getting a highly personalized tour that has been designed around your specific interests based on a personalized plan, a high quality guide that brings the sites to life, and attention to detail so that you get the most out of your experience and your money while touring in our countries.


Invite your family and friends to save more per person

Based on the same tour plan, our per-person prices are quoted differently for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 people or more. The more people you bring on the tour, the lower the price for each person. In this sense, it is always a good idea to take your family or invite your friends to join your tour. This way all of you will enjoy the quality services offered in our private tour, and share a great holiday experience in our countries!