Mr. Zhiming Lu & Family

Customer: Mr. Zhiming Lu & Family
Country: US of America
Tour Name: Best of Indochina


Sorry to answer you late.

We had spent additional two weeks in China after Indochina trip. We have striven for overcoming the jet lag and flue after came back the home in the US. We have enjoyed the trip within three countries. Your service is very good. Your Guides are qualified in English speaking and taking care of us during the trip. Jason, I would say that you are one of best service and market person we have ever met since we traveled 76 counties in the world during late 20 years. Your are always to communicate with us promptly. You are ready to share up and down with us all the time. You made us comfortable to go with your company before we made the decision.

The food supplied in Vietnam was good according to contract, but it was not that good in Cambodia, The lunch in Laos along the Mekong River was the worst. I suggest you to remind your customer to alert on thieves and VISA card fraud. I used my VISA debit card one time in the ATM machine in Hanoi and once in the restaurant of Siem Reap only within a whole year, I found someone stole my account to keep using it about 38 time with total value over $1000 after I flight back to the US. The fraud started on February 28, The charging company from Mexico. It looks like a international fraud incident. Fortunately my bank would cover it. My bank interrupted and stopped it on Mach 7.

With best regards,

Zhiming Lu