Mrs. & Mr. Bordonnat

Customer: Mrs. & Mr. Bordonnat

Country: France

Tour Name: Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos Discovery

Dear Jason,
Thanks for your email and don’t worry about the late arrival of the driver in Vientiane (we made it finally) neither about the unused bus tickets to Phnom Penh.
I was going to write to you in any case but had to travel between UK and France for business matter within 24 hours after landing in London from Vientiane via Hanoi.
My wife and I were indeed very pleased with the trip to “Indochine” overall and we will recommend it and your company as well to our friends in Europe.
Each leg of the trip across the 3 countries was interesting in its own and the sum of all was very diverse and complementary.
Hotels were all well situated and great choice, so were the guides and drivers.
If we had to highlight one, it would definitely be Angkor. A must, due to the natural splendour of the site but also thanks to the great guide we had. Number One. Top class.
The visit of Saigon and the Mekong Delta were also very interesting, so were Luang Prabang and Hanoi and Halong Bay (alas the weather was not as great there as further South – nothing we/you could do – but the Halong Bay was still very beautiful).
Phnom Penh has less attractivity then Saigon or Hanoi and definitely Vientiane is bottom of the list. This is a very quiet city but without the charm of Luang Prabang and not a lot to do in Vientiane.
If I may suggest here are a few ideas how to make the trip even more interesting:
– extend by an extra day or at least half a day the stay in Siem Reap / Angkor – the programme was quite dense and we could have easily stayed an extra night to get two full days or two and a half days there;
– propose the plane rather than the bus between Saigon and Phnom Penh – it is definitely worth the extra cost to fly rather than drive circa 6 hours;
– in Luang Prabang we stopped at an elephant park and had a 30-40′ ride. It is an attractive option which is worth to be mentioned in your programme as I am sure lots of people would be interested in taking it;
– if you do need to keep Vientiane in the itinerary the stay there can be reduced by a day or half a day (to be compensated by the extra equivalent at Angkor);
– the visit to Buddha Park takes say half a day max due to the distance from the City Centre and the City Tour of Vientiane takes hardly more than half a day. So we still had a day and a half of free time while half a day would have been more than sufficient;
– what we did add during the City Tour of Vientiane, on my request, was a stop at the COPE visitor centre. Like the visit of the War Remnants museum in Saigon or the Killing Fields in Phnom Penh the COPE visitor centre talks about all the bombs dropped in Laos by the Americans during the Viet-Nam War and all the damages the unexploded bombs have been causing since then and it continues. It is really worth adding it to the programme of Vientiane (and it is free entrance).
Hope these suggestions will be helpful and thanks again for having made this trip to your country and the neighbour countries unforgettable.
Looking forward to coming back when a new opportunity arises.
Best regards,
Serge Bordonnat