Mr Amrish & Family

Customer: Mr Amrish & Family
Country: India
Tour Name: Vietnam Tour

Dear Jason

A very happy new year to you and your family. We have reached home safely and are doing well.

It was also very nice to meet you. We have enjoyed and loved your country. The travel plans you have designed were very detailed and well met. I would like to thank all the guides/driver, they were very professional and friendly. We would definitely be lost without them, the language barrier is very wide in Vietnam. The hotels/ cruise booked by you were all excellent, very well located and excellent service by the hotels/ cruise.

However, we were a bit disappointed with the hotel at Danang. Luxtery hotel is very well located and the rooms were very spacious, however maybe because of the pandemic, the hotel was not very functional. The door locks , locker was jammed/ not working properly. The shower area tiling was coming off, so the water flowed out. There was no room service(restaurant closed), and it was tough cause the first night we could not go out since it was raining and had to struggle with dinner. Of course, I must appreciate your quick response in changing our rooms, still the problem of tiling and locker remained. Since it was a very short stay, we managed but I would not recommend that hotel to you or anyone.

Apart from this, we thoroughly enjoyed Vietnam. Next time with your help of course, we intend to visit the regions/ parts we could not visit.

Best regards