Mr Dixit & Family

Customer: Mr Dixit & Family
Country: US America
Tour Name: Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand

Hi Jason
Our tour went very well. This is one of the best trips we ever have it. Guides, drivers, food, hotels everything was nice. Nothing to complain about. The only thing i can say is that Hari Residence was more like a 3 star and not 4 star. But, i remember that, you had mentioned that, “since the hotel you were going to give us was not available so you gave us Hari Residence”. Since you asked for your future reference…I mentioned this…otherwise, their services were great.

Oh…other thing is the in the beginning, the drivers who came to pick us at the airport did not know English at all. So i had to ask you when the guide/driver would come in the morning to pick us up. I feel, if driver could not speak English, the guide should have sent message to us saying when he would pick us up from hotel. After I talked with you about this the guides also came with driver to pick us up from airport. So it was not an issue after i talking with you.

I am more than happy to do a very good review on Trip advisor on your website. I have never done review, so i do not know how to do that.

One of the days, we would like to go to Laos and Myanmar. I will let you know.