Things to do in Vietnam

Enjoy the local life in Hanoi

The best spot to learn about the historical and cultural significance of Hanoi is in the Old Quarter. The Old Quarter continues to be the major tourist destination and the hub of local activity. Nearly all of the local attractions, including Hoan Kiem Lake and 36 Streets, are present. You will stroll around various areas to learn about life. In addition, you cannot forget to visit the Ho Chi Minh President Mausoleum Complex and the One Pillar Pagoda while here.


Spend a night on the cruise in Halong Bay

Halong Bay, a breathtaking bay in Vietnam’s north that is safeguarded by UNESCO, is well-known for its enormous granite karsts, numerous islets, and mirror-like ocean. On the opulent cruise where you are given breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you may take in the scenery while relishing the moment. Kayak around the bay, explore the caverns and take in the peace on the terrace while gazing up at the sky at nighttime.


Take boat in Ninh Binh

A mysterious destination, mountain, and waterway region in Vietnam is Ninh Binh. The most attractive location here, Mua Cave, will be the initial stop on your tour. There, you’ll ascend around 500 stairs to get a breathtaking panoramic view of Tam Coc, rice fields, and the karst terrain. After that, you’ll go on a traditional boat excursion to Tam Coc, which is sometimes referred to be “Halong Bay on land” because of its limestone peaks and abundant rice paddies.


Have leisure time in Hoi An Old Town

One of Southeast Asia’s best surviving ancient commercial ports from the 15th to the 19th centuries is Hoi An Old Town. Hoi An Old Town’s wonderfully maintained architecture and cultural traditions led to its inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Delicious food, traditional assembly halls, custom-made Ao Dai, amiable residents, and a welcoming environment are just a few of Hoi An’s drawcards for tourists.


Explore Cu Chi Tunnels

One of Ho Chi Minh City’s three main historical remnants, the Cu Chi Tunnels are an actual network of subterranean tunnels located 40 kilometers to the northwest of the city. The Viet Cong utilized the tunnels during the Vietnam War, and today they are a popular tourist destination. In the tunnels, there are incredibly well-built hospitals, conference spaces, sleeping quarters, fighting areas, food stockpiles, and military traps. It’s a fascinating location to study about the conflict and investigate how the tunnels were built.


Discover Mekong Delta

The Mekong River is the mother river of several Southeast Asian nations and the sixth biggest river in the entire globe. The Mekong Delta is devoid of both heavy traffic and impressive structures. Here, you may experience what it’s like to cross the Mekong River several times. The delta landscape is carefully preserved, and the natural environment is well protected here. The natural beauty on both sides of the river is quite magnificent. You may either take a motor boat to cross the stream or a bamboo raft to navigate the depths of the heavily wooded river.

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