Things to do in Thailand

Explore the floating markets – Shop in an unique way

The floating markets are one of the top things to do in Bangkok. They are an absolute favorite of tourists and locals alike because who wouldn’t want to shop while sitting in a boat? In a floating market, the buyers and sellers sit in a long tail boat to buy and sell items, such as fruits and vegetables, handicrafts, spices, and other trinkets. It’s quite a fun and exciting way of shopping that you’d not find anywhere else.


Enjoy Mekong Railway Market

Mekong Railway Market is a conventional Thai market that sells fresh produce, meals, and other goods. Its uniqueness comes from the market on each side of a 100-meter piece of railroad track that a train passes through frequently during the day. The miracle is about to unfold as a train’s deafening horn issues the alert. The sellers will all calmly and promptly shift their wares away from the railway tracks and drop their umbrellas as the train passes. All is back to usual once the train has successfully passed. The market is sometimes known as the “umbrella pull-down market” because of this.


Have a Thai massage

Thai massages are famous the world over, the style of massage is unique as it stretches your body as well as working on your body’s pressure points. The whole experience will leave you feeling invigorated and balanced.


Eat Bangkok Street Food

Living like a native is the greatest way to connect with the culture there. It is simple to notice a street food with a row of carts full of food when the sky grows black at night. BBQ, gravy-topped Thai noodles, mouthwatering curries, dumplings, and countless more dishes. The entire ambiance may wow you more than the meal or their absurdly low pricing.


Go to a Festival

When planning your travels, look into what festivals are happening and be sure to go. There are several festivals around the country throughout the year, but these are a few to possibly plan your visits around. Thailand Festivals

Songkran happens in April and is amazing! It’s the world’s largest water fight. (All over the country) happens in November (Chiang Mai)

Yi Peng Lantern Festival – happens in November (Chiang Mai)

The Vegetarian Festival is in October (Phuket).


Go diving off the coast of Koh Lanta

Situated in the Andaman Sea, Koh Lanta is a beautiful island only 20km’s in length. There are 17 dive shops on the island and some of the most beautiful diving in the world is to be had in the sea surrounding the island. Famous dive sites are Hin Daeng and Hin Muang, these are considered to be the best in the area.

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