Things to Do in Thailand

Visit the Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is a group of structures in Bangkok, Thailand. The Grand Palace is Thailand’s biggest, most ethnically diverse, and immaculately kept palace. Since then, the Grand Palace has been a well-known tourist attraction here and continues to be the ceremonial and monarchical epicenter of today while also acting as a museum and popular tourist destination. Even though just a portion of the main palace is exposed to visitors, a large number of visitors still come to see the exquisite grandeur and beauty and to take in its enormous historical value.


Enjoy Mekong Railway Market

Mekong Railway Market is a conventional Thai market that sells fresh produce, meals, and other goods. Its uniqueness comes from the market on each side of a 100-meter piece of railroad track that a train passes through frequently during the day. The miracle is about to unfold as a train’s deafening horn issues the alert. The sellers will all calmly and promptly shift their wares away from the railway tracks and drop their umbrellas as the train passes. All is back to usual once the train has successfully passed. The market is sometimes known as the “umbrella pull-down market” because of this.


Shop in a Floating Market

Have you ever considered doing your shopping on a boat? It will happen thanks to the customary floating marketplaces found in Thailand, where things are sold on boats. It is not simply a location to go shopping and dine; it is also a place to see how the residents live. Although the abundance of vibrant handicrafts and fresh fruit may initially overwhelm you, you will undoubtedly appreciate the whole experience.


Eat Bangkok Street Food

Living like a native is the greatest way to connect with the culture there. It is simple to notice a street food with a row of carts full of food when the sky grows black at night. BBQ, gravy-topped Thai noodles, mouthwatering curries, dumplings, and countless more dishes. The entire ambiance may wow you more than the meal or their absurdly low pricing.


Explore Wat Rong Khun (White Temple) and Golden Triangle

Wat Rong Khun (White Temple) is built in 1997 by a famous Thai architect, Chakermchai Kosipipat. From a distance, the temple appears to be made of porcelain, but closer inspection reveals that this is a false image created by the white paint and glass sequins. White is a representation of Buddha’s purity. The borders of Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand form the Golden Triangle. It has developed into a tourist destination where visitors may board a boat on the Mekong River to learn more about the Golden Triangle’s history. There is also a sizable tourism industry, and visitors may buy certain regional specialties from Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar there.


Relax on Phuket’s Best Beaches

Due to its pristine and alluring beaches, particularly three of them—Patong, Karon, and Kata – Phuket is the most well-known and picturesque island in Thailand. Patong Beach is known as the most significant and developed region. Vibrant coral reefs line its north and south shores. Almost items on the island have distinctive decorating characteristics, earning them the nickname “European Villages.” Second, having one of the longest white sands, a good selection of food options, and a lively nightlife, Karon is one of the ideal destinations for tourists. Last but not least, Kata Beach will make you impressed with its W-shaped and two gorgeous bays. It exudes a more tranquil atmosphere with its curving shoreline and softer beach.

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