Things to do in Myanmar

Try the Tea Leaf Salad

The tea leaf salad is a popular dish in Myanmar that’s even more popular with tourists. The salad uses a mixture of vegetables including cabbage and tomatoes with shredded tea leaves. You then eat this with a handful of peanuts sprinkled over the top as either a snack or with white rice.


Go on a hot air balloon ride in Bagan

While a lot of people skip this due to their budget, if you have the money, we suggest going for it as it is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Watching the clouds clear up as you see a couple of other balloons float above the sky as you gaze at the ancient temples and ruins around you. Hot air ballooning is definitely one of the best things to do in Bagan and is something we highly recommend.


Go trekking and hiking in the Himalaya foothills

Myanmar is quickly becoming a popular destination for these activities. Some of the most popular locations are Inle lake and Kawal, Putao and the Himalaya foothills, Lashio, and Chin State. You can find yourself in thick jungles and stumble upon remote villages with hidden waterfalls. For more information regarding trekking and hiking in Myanmar, you can visit Putao trekking, Chin state trekking, and Myanmar trekking tours.


Trek through Kalaw

Trek through Kalaw, the hill station in Shan State just minutes from Inle Lake. Here, local families offer homestay accommodations, which include home-cooked local meals. You will have the opportunity to see a completely different side of Myanmar, away from pagodas and dust. Multiple trekking companies arrange tours that are relatively inexpensive.


Walk across U Bein Bridge in the sunset 

U Bein Bridge is the world’s longest and oldest bridge, erected in 1850. It is made of teak wood and feels quite rickety when you walk along it. The bridge runs three-quarters of a mile across Taungthaman Lake and offers an awesome sunset experience.

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