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Customer: Ms Pam & Group
Country: Croatia   

Tour Name: Best of Indochina  

Hello Mr. Jason, how are you?

We are finally at the normal rhythm of life, and I want to thank you for everything you do to make our trip so beautiful as it was. We spent wonderful time in Indochina.

We are a very diverse group of people, most of us are MD, one dentist, few engineers and one economy specialist, and our age is very different so I was afraid how that it would all go. Almost all of them are my friends (only some friends of my friends) but they didn’t know each other before, so I was a little worried.

My friend Dubravka and I have been traveling the world for the last 10 years and friends asked me to organize something where they would go with us. Thanks to you, we succeeded. Thank you very much, thank you Jason.

I want to tell you that we were very pleased with almost everything, tourist guides, hotels, itinerary.

The hotels were in extraordinary locations, not all so good for 4 stars but good.

Itinerary in Hanoi was bad, we almost didn’t see anything. And beside what we went through, the guide didn’t tell us what it was and we overlooked. Maybe he just doesn’t have enough experience because it seems to us that he has worked hard.

Mr Ty in Hue and Hoi Ann was very good. He explained us a lot about the history of the northern part of Vietnam and the cities.

Mr Vinh at first glance (the first night) was unrelated, but the next few days he was great. He taught us and explained to us the history of the South Vietnam, the war, shared with us some life stories …… he finally endured us very much.

The BEST one was the guide in Siem Reap, Mr SARAT. We all enjoyed his stories, knowledge, wishes to show, explain. He was remarkable. Likewise, the driver who was with him was also most impressive. The other drivers were also good and cared for water, refreshing wipes …. but this one in Siem Reap was especially helpful. 

We had the luck to have such an interesting man like Mr Sarat, full of knowledge, showed Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, … at 37-38 degrees C. Mr Sarat has even changed the order of sight to make us more comfortable and avoid the heat. We all agreed that he definitely is the best guide on this tour.

Now let me tell you about the guide, the drivers and the itinerary in Luang Prabang.

The guide is a dork who doesn’t even care about the job. He just looks to avoid the job, went somewhere without explanation, and let us go for free time. From this guide we didn’t know anything about Laos or about Luang Prabang. We also didn’t have any help with accommodation, purchases, tips …. In a 3-day stay he and the drivers didn’t offer us a single bottle of water. At the end of the second day, one friend saw that there was water in the bunker, and they gave her and even a couple of those who saw it and were looking to give them. 

First day there were 2 hot bottles of water standing in the van, one of which I started to drink because I was a hunter but it was hot so I left it, but there were all the days there.

Whatever we wondered if he had any suggestions to see something, he suggested free time and shopping. Disaster Guide! 

It is unbelievable that drivers don’t even speak English at all.

Likewise, it is incredible to wait 20min in the sun and at 38 degrees because the drivers are off to buy fuel. What have they done so far? Or the evening before?

It struck us with the impression of such a beautiful journey.

Maybe one of the most beautiful cities for me (the town with the soul) became the nightmare for all of us. I’m sorry we left him any tip.

For the end I would like to write some good impressions on Trip Advisor or some other site. Please let me know if I can and where.

All in all, this was a beautiful trip I would like to recommend to my friends. I will definitely recommend you as a contact and planning person.

Once again thanks for all Jason and lots of happiness and nice wishes in the future.



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