Mrs Silvija & Family

Customer: Mrs Silvija & Family
Country: US America     

Tour Name: Best of Indochina 

Hi Jason , after a long hours we safely arrived home .Except jet lag that is somehow still present , we are doing fine. Regarding our stay in Luang Prabang at the Vila Maly should have never happened .When we took luxury package  was exactly for the reason, that the 5 star hotels have bigger turn over of the tourist, manage better the food preparation and cleanliness and in general service is connected  with reputation.

If we were taking late breakfast there were almost not a choice of food to eat . The lady with an french accent ( I imagine a restaurant menager ) wasn’t very concerned about our problem , was more in a rush to check us out , rather than try to recognize all the problems and address them properly .I was too weak to argue and my husband was more concerned about my situation than the staff actions. We did not expect nothing monetary from her neither from you .The only thing what we wanted to do finish our trip like we started : HEALTHY.

When we look back to our trip all en all it was a nice trip , which  we enjoyed  very much.Everything was very good from the first day when we arrived , hotels, acommodation , service , drivers, punctuality  . Regarding the guides some were better than others ( regarding the language and the history knowledge ) , but I have to stress that Ty ( Hue and Hao An ) , Guide from Siem Reap and the lady guide in Phnom Penh were our favourites . We learned a lot from them and were able to understand when they spoke . Also the guide in Luang Prabang was good and show a compasion with my situation. The fact that these four guides  find a time to wait for us at the airport and bus speaks a lot for their dedication to bussines .  In spite of our troubles , we laved Indochina and their happy , smily people very much, and would not hesitate to tell people about you and your company . I thank you for your diligency and dedication to plan and organize our trip smoothly and tothfully . If we decide to cross our paths once more it will be with you for sure.

Thank you Jason very much.

Best regards and all the success in your future endeavours.