Mrs Launie & Family

Customer: Mrs Launie & Family
Country: Canada    

Tour Name: Travel to Vietnam 

Hello Mr. Jason,

I am ok now that I slept 12 hrs for 2 days!

I’m glad we did our trip as a family and it was exciting & unique for everyone.

I told my grandkids to appreciate how hardworking the kind Vietnamese people are and that they are lucky to learn what other cultures are about firsthand.

The tour guides had very different personalities and we enjoyed our time with each one.

Thien was nice & expert with facts and figures.

Ty also knew so much & was our favourite because he has a bubbly friendliness.

Eric was very gentle & kind with good humour.

It was interesting to have a personal guide for the north, central & south Vietnam.

We certainly got a lot more done because the tour covered so much.

The food was excellent and we felt bad some food was wasted because my son and his children don’t like fish. Each place was thoughtful to bring an extra dish even though we said they didn’t have to.

Hanoi & Saigon were so crowded and we were scared of the traffic as probably most of the tourists are.

The drivers are very talented!

None of us wanted to leave Central Vietnam.

Although Vancouver has about 27,000 Vietnamese, I don’t think I’ll find any phô that is as good as I had in Hoi An.

The grandkids ate phô every day at breakfast, lunch & dinner.

If I would do the trip again, I would choose to go extra for superior rooms.

The Rosaleen Hotel & HoiAn Beach Resort were the best two places to stay.

The Ha Long Cruise, guide, food & accommodation were excellent!

It has been a happy journey we will never forget!

Especially the Weasel coffee we bought.

Thank you for coming to meet us, your gifts and the photos!

Launie Fairbairn

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