Mr. Sujeeva & Family

Customer: Mr. Sujeeva & family 

Country: Sri Lanka

Tour Name: Travel to Vietnam 

Dear Jason

How are you doing. Sorry for the late response.  As soon I came to Sri Lanka from Vietnam , I got fever and not be able to do any work for almost 10 days.  Then as usual office work . got busy. 

About the Vietnam trip .  Overall I am happy about the arrangements except Mekong Delta tour.  The boat we traveled broke down halfway through and we were stuck on the river for almost 2 hours. Finally they manage to reach the place we supposed to have lunch through very narrow water passage. Due to this we lost some of the activates which listed  do before lunch.

Lunch service was not up to standard. No service at all . Even water bottles we had taken from the fridge. Only one waiter and he was busy with other activities.        

After the lunch , we change the boat and it took another 30-45 minutes to take out the boat from narrow water passage to the  main river because of the size of the boat. It’s too long to turn within the small water passage.  Finally boat driver had get down and push the boat to the main river.

When talking about the tour guides , The gentleman who guide us at Ho Chi Minh was good but  from the very first day he was talking about his tip.  Basically indirectly he is asking for a good tip for him and the driver because he is freelance tour guide.

The tour guide who was with us in Hanoi , not that type . very friendly but bit difficult to understand his English. 

Anyhow  for the Driver & Guide I gave a good tips at Ho Chi Minh & Hanoi

We are happy with both hotels and the locations.

No complains about the Cruise . it’s the best part of the tour.

Let me know if you need any further clarifications.         

Thanks & Best Regards

Sujeeva Dewaligoda