Mrs & Mr Goebert

Customer: Mrs & Mr Goebert from Germany
Tour Name: Tour in Vietnam

Dear Jason,
As a resume from the arrangement up to now:
– Perfect support between travel segments
– Selected Hotels with perfect fit
– Hanoi bussy city with own character. High temperature avoid a relaxing travel to train station with among waiting time. Minihotel or expantion of check-out time in Hotel will be more comfortable.
– Train to Sapa is a special adventure, soft bed as shown in advertisements are not reality- Hotel check-in time should earlier. After one day going around in Hanoi without shower,  4 hours waiting in restaurant, train without anythjng, 3 hours walking, lunch and 2 hours walking. That is to much in high temperatur season.
– Sapa tourism is not ours, has nothing from origin and the hipe can not be understud. The value we get is the lowest we ever have had.
– Travelling back with Minihotel was ok.
– Long traveling by car to Halong was not nice, back same – losing one day, May be better solution with waterairplane.
– Ship trip was excellence and the best of our journey,  Should be expanded to 2 nights.
– Travelling with Ford Transit is not comfortable and should defenitly avoided for others. You seat in the back with less space as in smal car! Material of seats is very plastic like. Seats are very short styled for bigger people. Backpain is program.
– Hue Hotel, second night without aircondition and less sleep was not funny. Hotel give us a compensation and skipp the balance of the Spa.
– Guides are very supportive and informative
– In total up to now all is working, nice guides, good impressions with locals, great Country and nice pictures. Good Job!

Best Regards
Karin & Heinz Jörg

Dear Jason,
Back home, all was fine. Hotel in Nha Trang was at a very nice place, wonderfull beach and great water. Only cleanness was a nightmare, but we fix it. Saigon, grade place to stay.
In total good job you have done!

Best Regards,

Karin & Heinz Jörg

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