Popular Local Foods in Myanmar

Shan Rice

Known by another name, nga htamin – fish rice, rice of the Shan people (an ethnic group in Myanmar) is quickly becoming one of the best choices for visitors visiting Myanmar. The fragrant rice grains are cooked with golden turmeric juice and served with a piece of freshwater fish coated with aromatic garlic oil. Shan-style rice, with spices like garlic, chile, and pepper, is a popular meal among individuals who enjoy spicy foods.


Traditional Myanmar Curry

Curry is the primary component in Myanmar Curry, even though you may also have it with pork, cattle, lamb, or seafood. Muslims will order Myanmar curry from restaurants and pair it with a green salad, beans, and veggies. A unique aspect of eating a dish of curry from Myanmar is that you will also get a traditional dessert from the country, which is lacquer-plated tea leaves and almonds soaked in tea.


Tea Leaf Salad

Lephet – fermented tea leaves – is one of Myanmar’s most distinctive meals. These tea leaves make tea leaf salad, which serves as a snack, appetizer, or rice. To make a unique salad, sour tea leaves are combined with somewhat bitter shredded cabbage, tomato slices, beans, garlic oil and garlic slices, and fiery chili peppers. However, Myanmar residents warn travelers that tea leaf salad is a stimulant, and eating too much of it might cause insomnia, similar to drinking too much tea.


Shan Tofu Noodles

The food of the Shan people is not only adored by the locals of that nation but also enthralls visitors who sample it for the first time. Big pieces of tofu make the Shan food vendors stand out from the rest. Instead of fermenting soybeans as is customary, the tofu manufactured in this country is made from yellow lentils and green beans. Tofu slices are frequently served with yellow noodles, hot in soup, or cold next to chopsticks.


Mohinga Fish Rice Noodles

Many people believe Mohinga fish rice noodles, a type of noodles cooked in broth with a fish taste, to be the national food of the Myanmar people. This dish includes chickpea flour, roasted rice, catfish cooked in broth, and seasonings such as fish sauce, garlic, red onion, ginger, and lemongrass. In many towns and cities, it is available for purchase all day. If you ever get the chance to visit Myanmar, be sure to sample the mouthwatering Mohinga fish rice noodles.


Noodles of the Shan People

The ideal mix of thin noodles and marinated chicken and pork, with toasted sesame seeds and the flavor of garlic, is served with pickled vegetables and broth in the traditional noodle meal of the Shan ethnic group in northern Myanmar. The peculiar flavor, delectable taste, and “eye-catching” look of Shan noodles have made them the top pick of many visitors visiting Myanmar.

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