Myanmar Visa

From March of 2014, Visa on Arrival to Myanmar was suspended. Therefore, we encourage visitors to arrange visas in home countries prior to the trip to avoid unnecessary disruptions to your trip in Myanmar. We will keep you updated about Visa on Arrival on this site as soon as we get the official information from the government.


Visitors can get E-visa in 4 easy steps.
Step 1: Go to and fill out the secure online application form
Step 2: Confirm and pay with your credit/debit card (The cost of the visa is temporarily termed as of US$50 – valid for visit within 28 days)
Step 3: Receive your approval letter (within 5 working days)
Step 4: Receive your visa upon arrival in Myanmar


For visitors using E-visa, please ensure the following must be completed and prepared for verifications at Immigration counters:
a) Completely filled arrival card
b) Valid passport (with at least 6 months validity)
c) Valid entry visa issued by relevant Myanmar Embassy (must not be a used visa)
d) Visitors entering with various visa issued by relevant Myanmar Embassy abroad shall be permitted stay period shown in visa, Extension of stay period shall be, if desired, applied to Ministry of Immigration and Population with recommendation of relevant Ministry. May reside as permitted period.


Tourists also need to buy travel insurance when enter Myanmar by the below link:

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