Cambodia Visa

Unlike other countries, Cambodia Visa can be applied for and issued upon arrival at airports for entering by air, whether in the capital city Phnom Penh, or at Siem Reap – a home province of Angkor Wat. Travelers must bring along one passport-size photograph and their passport. Application form is distributed by the Government Immigration upon arrival. The fee is around US$30 for a one-month visa payable in USD cash upon issuance on arrival.


Cambodia Visa could also get at “Poit pet” border gate with Thailand (When you drive in from Thailand) or at Chau Doc border gate with Vietnam (when you take the boat trip from Vietnam) or from another border with Vietnam called “Moc Bai”. The Visa fee from these places is US$25 per person / Single entry.

You can also apply the Cambodia E-visa before flying / entering the country by the below link:


When you start to apply or after receiving your E-visa, kindly take time to double check and make sure all the information in the E-visa are exactly with the information in your passport and in your international flight (Ex: nationality, full names, number of passport, date of birth, gender, period of entry Cambodia, name of airport/landport when entering Cambodia, etc.)

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